This manual shows you how to upload logs to GMA to be valid for the Belgian Castles & Fortresses Award (BCA). Before proceeding it’s important you register your main callsign (without / or any other adds) at GMA. This is a necessary one time action.

Logs have to be saved at your PC in .ADI format.

In the main menu go to GMA>> Import/Export

The Import/Export page is opening, choose in the Import section the 2.nd option (Activator & Chaser ADIF Import)

The ADIF-Logimport page is opening. Fill in your activated BCA reference (always in the form ON-xxxxx  ONdash5digits), the exact callsign you used during the activation, choose the .ADI file on your PC en click OK. Important : If this activation is counting for more BCA references, WWFF, IOTA, LH or SOTA, you will have the possibility to add this references later in this process !

The Step 1 Check the ADIF File window is opening. Click on “go to end of log”

Click at the bottom now on OK

REPEAT this action on the Step 2 ADIF File Import page and click OK

The Step 3 Check further references page is opening. Fill in here the additional references your activation is valid. If only for one reference valid,remain the additional boxes empty.

Now click CONFIRM , the Crossreference popupwindows is opening, click on CLOSE

In the Step 3 Check further references window click on OK 

The Step 4 Update window is opening. Click on “refresh activated References” , close the popup “Triathlon Activator Check” window en click in Step 4 Update window on OK.

Your activation log is now uploaded and valid for you for the BCA Activator Award, for the chasers it’s now counted in their worked totals.




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